Whose World Is This? An Anthology of Global Hip hop (volume 2)

Hip hop has left New York and the USA for a long time now but yet the very dynamic and interesting scenes from all over the world are very little documented. Of course, rap has inspired many other electronic genres like ragga, baile funk, reggaeton, kuduro or kwaito, but what about “real” rap? It’s difficult to describe in one word all the varieties of those hip hop scenes. From ghetto to hype, from underground to mainstream, from parties to protest, rap has merged in many different ways with local musics and industries, just like jazz and rock before. The common point between all the countries is that hip-hop rhythm, sampling and rapping are always combined with local music styles, languages and issues to make something new. Reflecting the US musical hegemony, the spread of global hip hop reveals also the irresistible cultural diversity.

Here’s a 2 volume anthology that highlights the best crews of what can be called “global hip hop” which just means non US rap. 40 different countries are featured ranging from early 1990′s to late 2000′s.


1. Mustafa Yoda – Mi Vida MC (Argentina, 2004)
2. 阴三儿 (IN-3) – 黑 (China, 2008)
3. MBS – Ouled el Bahja (Algeria, 1998)
4. MC Kan (MC 漢) – 漢流の極論 (Japan, 2005)
5. Black Alien – Pericia na Delicia (Brazil, 2005)
6. La Etnnia – Nieve de Colombia (Colombia, 1994)
7. Positive Black Soul – Def Lo Xam (Senegal, 1995)
8. BTM-Squad feat. Afrob – 3te Welt Resistance (Germany, 2008)
9. K’Naan – Strugglin’ (Somalia and Canada, 2005)
10. Da Weasel – Casa (Portugal, 2004)
11. Krasnoe Derevo (Красное Дерево) – Kischki (Кишки) (Russia, 2005)
12. Oxmo Puccino – J’ai Mal Au Mic (France, 2001)
13. Calle 13 feat. Lápiz Conciente – Tributo A la Policía (Puerto Rico, 2005)
14. Cronik Turntablist Hip hop – Sundanese (Indonesia, 2005)
15. Colle de Fomento – Vita (Italy, 1999)
16. Godessa – Nguwe (South Africa, 2005)
17. Paktofonika – Jestem Bogiem (Poland, 2000)
18. Mc Hot Dog – Unknown title (Taiwan, 2000′s)

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